Meet Muon Halo™

Muon Halo powers your very own LEO satellite constellation. Our revolutionary integrated technology stack enables you to optimize every dimension of your mission for a faster time-to-orbit and superior constellation performance.


Advanced simulation for satellite constellations.

MuSim revolutionizes satellite constellation design by enabling a digital twin of your constellation that spans the entire mission lifecycle. This approach allows for fast and accurate formulation, build, and operational phases, ensuring missions are optimized for performance from the start.


The foundation for space, ground, and cloud integration.

MuOS acts as a versatile middleware, connecting space, ground, and cloud components through a unified software layer. This IP-based Software-Defined Network simplifies integration, offers scalable architecture for growing mission demands, and provides transparent interfaces for all applications.


Software-defined instrument core for superior data capture.

MuCore sets new standards for high quality data capture with adaptable sensor support, efficient data routing, and high bandwidth for superior electromagnetic data processing. Its software-configurable interfaces make it ideal for a wide range of remote sensing missions requiring reliable, high-quality signal capture.


A configurable spacecraft for scalable missions.

MuSat's modular design enables rapid and scalable mission configuration across a wide spectrum of sizes, from small to large missions. This spacecraft is designed for efficiency, allowing rapid integration and offering the best price/performance ratio in the industry.


Cloud-based communications, command, and control.

MuDash integrates all aspects of mission operations within a seamless cloud-based environment. This platform ensures simplified operations with efficient tasking, scheduling, and automated management of software updates and customer uploads.

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