Simplify and scale your mission with a software layer that seamlessly connects space, ground, and cloud.

  • IP-based Software-Defined Network for seamless data flow from constellation to cloud, through any ground station network
  • Eliminates the traditional integration friction points for a seamless hand-off from launch to commercial operations
  • Cloud-scale technology deployed to space
  • Ensures high availability and peak product throughput from day one
Easy integration and scalability.

A critical part of any mission is the network that facilitates seamless communication and data handling. The central feature of MuOS is a Software-Defined Network, which significantly reduces the need for extensive integration work with multiple ground station networks and offers a higher degree of scalability compared to other solutions.

Versatile middleware.

MuOS is the software layer that connects space, ground, and cloud components through common, transparent interfaces and APIs. Capable of abstracting differences in hardware, location, and interfaces used in various parts of the system, MuOS simplifies the process of implementing missions, from deploying space hardware to executing operational applications.

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