Earth intelligence
for a safe and resilient world

Earth Intelligence integrates the physical sciences, aerospace engineering, software engineering data science and industry domain expertise to offer a dynamic and detailed understanding of the planet and human activity on it, aiding in the sustainable management of natural resources, enhancing safety and global security, and supporting the response to global environmental challenges like Climate Change.

Founded in 2021, Muon Space is an end-to-end Space Systems Provider that designs, builds, and operates LEO satellite constellations delivering mission-critical data.

Our revolutionary, integrated technology stack enables customers to optimize every dimension of their missions for faster time-to-orbit and superior constellation remote sensing performance. From climate monitoring to national security, Muon Space is dedicated to delivering Earth intelligence for a safer and more resilient world.

Building the future
of Earth intelligence

Muon Halo sits atop a vertically integrated technology platform incorporating the MuSim digital engineering and simulation platform, the MuOS data-centric middleware architecture, and the MuSat and MuCore software-defined building blocks. Leveraging these common, stocked hardware components and a standardized software operating system, Muon Space’s state-of-the-art production facility is optimized for high-mix satellite integration at volumes and throughput typical of one-size-fits-all “standard bus” lines.

The best team on the planet

Muon Space is made up of a team of more than 70 engineers and scientists, including industry experts from organizations like SpaceX, Skybox, NASA, and others. Led by five co-founders who collectively bring more than 90 years of space experience, the company is dedicated to delivering Earth intelligence for a safer and more resilient world, pioneering the next phase of New Space remote sensing.

Jonny Dyer

VP  People Operations
Kim Broadbeck
VP Engineering
Paul Day
Chief Scientist
Dan McCleese

Tracy Morgan
Chief Mission Architect
Reuben Rohrschneider

Gregory Smirin
Pascal Stang

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