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Muon is developing the world’s most capable Earth-sensing satellite platform to power data-driven decisions in the Era of Climate Change.

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Earth’s climate systems are dynamic, coupled, and undergoing rapid change - measurement and monitoring are critical. Existing datasets are too sparse, coarse, infrequent, and narrow to meet the coming need for large-scale Climate Mitigation and Adaptation. Decision makers require better information.


Our platform brings scientific Earth remote sensing capability to a broad array of organizations and institutions who lack the expertise needed to develop it themselves.

Our goals for the global coverage and rapid cadence of observations provided by Muon Space constellations are to reveal and monitor details of the state of the atmosphere, ocean and land, and improve predictions of future changes in the Earth system.

— Dan McCleese, Muon Chief Scientist, Co-Founder

Empower your organization to act confidently in the face of climate uncertainty with Muon


  • Formulate your mission Led by Muon Chief Scientist Dan McCleese, Muon’s Formulation process enables us to rapidly and rigorously define the science, technology and operations for your Mission.
  • Explore possibilities Muon’s Formulation follows a tightly orchestrated progression from early, open-ended exploration of the problem space to baselining of a scoped, scientifically validated concept to ensuring all operational needs will be met.
  • A Strong Foundation Often neglected in the New Space Era, true Mission Formulation is the foundation on which the success of the entire mission rests.


  • Tomorrow’s technology, space-qualified Execution is where your mission comes to life. Muon’s modern, modular hardware, software, and infrastructure platform leverages the CarefulCOTS process pioneered by our Founders to provide cutting-edge performance and world-class operational reliability.
  • Hardware, software, cloud Deep platform integration enables us to deploy and scale constellation missions faster and more reliably than anywhere else in the industry.
  • Production, not parts Muon offers more than a box in space - we provide you with a productive, operational system including scientific calibration & validation as well as end-to-end data product integration.


  • Full-stack Solutions Muon provides reliable, full-lifecycle operations including mission operations, data pipelines, operational calibration, product processing, and data product integration.
  • Accurate and reliable The Muon Platform delivers scientifically calibrated data scalably, reliably, and cost-effectively.
  • Evolving alongside your needs Our software-defined mission platform enables the exploration and deployment of new system capabilities in space or on the ground throughout the life of the mission.
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