Muon Space and Earth Fire Alliance Unveil FireSat Constellation, a Revolutionary Space Mission to Transform Global Wildfire Response. Learn more.

Earth Intelligence
for a safe and resilient world

We design, build, and operate low Earth orbit (LEO) satellite constellations optimized for your Earth intelligence mission.

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Muon Halo™

Muon Halo powers your very own LEO satellite constellation. Our revolutionary integrated technology stack enables you to optimize every dimension of your mission for a faster time-to-orbit and superior constellation performance.

Discover our approach

Our integrated three-phase approach to satellite constellation development delivers reliable, cutting-edge remote sensing systems on unprecedented timelines at low cost.

The best team
on Earth

Muon Space is made up of a team of more than 70 engineers and scientists, including industry experts from SpaceX, Skybox, NASA, and others. 

Join our mission to empower humanity to address global challenges and support a livable planet.

Earth Intelligence

Earth Intelligence integrates the physical sciences, aerospace engineering, software engineering data science and industry domain expertise to offer a dynamic and detailed understanding of the planet and human activity on it, aiding in the sustainable management of natural resources, enhancing safety and global security, and supporting the response to global environmental challenges like Climate Change.

Explore our partnerships

How we partner with government agencies, private companies, and global organizations to create satellite constellations tackling critical challenges.


Developing a constellation system for accurate weather data.

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A leap forward in geospatial intelligence for climate and agriculture.

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