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A leap forward in geospatial intelligence for climate and agriculture.

Mission at a Glance:


Hydrosat is deploying a LEO constellation to provide geospatial intelligence for food security, public safety, and the environment.


Proactive modeling and simulation to optimize instrument and constellation performance.


Optimized launch configuration design that reduced Hydrosat's time to full imaging coverage with altitude sensitivity study.


Integration of Hydrosat’s advanced multispectral and thermal IR imaging instruments.

Hydrosat approached Muon Space with a distinct mission to fly their multispectral IR instrument and deliver high-volume, low-latency data to the ground to fuel their geospatial intelligence data products. Hydrosat was in search of an end-to-end mission partner who could not only integrate their sensors but also meet stringent and ambitious mission requirements to deliver on their unique vision.

Muon ran Hydrosats mission needs through its unique MuSim™ powered design process. Through this process, we optimized the constellation and the desired coverage and revisit frequency. The spacecraft will integrate Hydrosat’s advanced multispectral and thermal infrared (IR) imaging instruments.This collaboration marks a critical step in Hydrosat's goal to deploy a low earth orbit (LEO) constellation to provide geospatial intelligence for food security, public safety, and the environment.

Maximizing efficiency during formulation

Hydrosat's successful mission with Muon Space began with our crucial Formulation phase, designed to expedite satellite deployment and ensure mission success. In this phase, we delved into Hydrosat's requirements, conducted trade studies, and tailored performance to fit their business needs. Our upfront modeling and simulation identified and mitigated risks of unexpected costs and delays, ensuring a smooth, predictable journey for Hydrosat's mission goals.

Leveraging the versatility of MuSat

When it came to choosing the right spacecraft, Hydrosat benefited from our MuSat rapid configurability, which matched perfectly with the needs of Hydrosat's remote sensing mission. MuSat’s modular approach in avionics, power, and payload interfaces enabled a swift, efficient mission formulation, resulting in a custom-tailored, cost-effective satellite solution.

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