A versatile and configurable spacecraft designed for scalability and adaptability.

  • Enables rapid and scalable mission configuration spanning sub-ESPA to  500kg+, kW-class missions
  • A modular approach to avionics, power, and payload interfaces, for efficient software-centric mission-specific customization
  • Best price/performance in industry powered by Muon’s deep vertical integration across design, manufacturing, supply chains, and testing
Built to work together.

Designed to be modular, our MuSat spacecraft enables rapid mission configuration and scalability across a wide range of satellite sizes, efficiently meeting unique mission requirements. Composed of Muon's proprietary designs for reusable core components, our approach provides greater control over the supply chain. This ensures seamless integration of all components, a distinct advantage over the approach of purchasing and integrating multiple vendor hardware, software, and subsystems.

Runs on MuOS.

MuOS enables us to reconfigure and integrate the main spacecraft modules rapidly, as well as to plug-and-play with the rest of the ground and operations system. Compare this approach to the industry norm, where precious time and resources are spent integrating disparate software stacks and interfaces leading up to launch.

Scale up or scale down.

MuSat components like batteries and solar, MuCore and the MuOS software stack, designed and built by us, are intended to work together. All of these pieces are designed to be tiled, enhancing their adaptability and scalability in various spacecraft configurations.

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