Phase One


Optimizing mission architecture for faster time-to-operation and impactful data products from day one.

Design digitally,
deliver flawlessly

Full formulation in weeks

Optimal constellation performance

See the entire mission unfold with MuSim

Inspired by the NASA JPL Innovation Foundry's process and made scalable with modern digital engineering, this first phase of a Muon deployment ensures that the final constellation meets and exceeds your needs. Using our proprietary simulation tool, MuSim, we create a digital twin of the entire constellation system to discover and mitigate potential challenges before they arise.

We leverage MuSim to optimize every element of the mission, including instrument/payload design, conops, satellite orbits, data downlink and product generation. MuSim enables us to swiftly move through the formulation process and the digital twin forms the foundation upon which we rapidly assemble and deploy operational systems.


Muon Space is made up of a team of more than 70 engineers and scientists, including industry experts from organizations like SpaceX, Skybox, NASA, and others. We leverage our team’s unmatched experience and expertise to get your mission right the first time.

Mission Baseline Establishment

We establish a mission baseline through deep engagement with customer’s needs, including cost, timeline, and performance, ensuring clear and aligned objectives from the start. This includes understanding the measurements needed and the specific products and associated processing needed to address your use cases.

System Design Initiation

Using our extensive experience, expertise and constellation technology, we build an early end-to-end design that balances technical and scientific needs, risks, margins, and mitigation strategies.

Use of MuSim

Our proprietary simulation tool creates a virtual constellation that mirrors and optimizes the behavior of the real constellation and powers true Model-Based Systems Engineering, integration, and testing.

Phase Two


Ensuring rapid and reliable deployment with modular CarefulCOTS hardware, modern service-oriented software, and a rigorous testing process.

Phase Three


Automated planning, tasking, data collection, and backhaul for optimal constellation operations and efficient Earth observation product delivery.

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