Phase Three


Automated planning, tasking, data collection, and backhaul for optimal constellation operations and efficient Earth observation product delivery.

Modern mission operations

Get actionable Earth intelligence

Simplify and streamline operations

Manage your constellation with ease

Our cloud-based infrastructure delivers actionable Earth observation data by streamlining and automating the collection, processing, and delivery of data. With seamless integration between in-orbit satellites and ground-based infrastructure, MuDash (our user portal) ensures data delivery is prioritized, secure, and efficient.


We perform launch and payload integration, collaborating with launch service providers.


We handle communications licensing of both the spacecraft and Earth stations so you don’t have to.

Mission Operations

Our cloud-based command, control and communications (C3) constellation portal (MuDash) is designed to provide flexible, automated, and responsive operations for satellite constellation management.

Data Delivery and Analysis

With its advanced communication systems, the Muon Halo product line provides an order of magnitude or more in data downlink volume than is typically available in a SmallSat platform, delivering useful data volumes for critical use cases.

Gateway Management

Our MuOS constellation operating platform offers a unified gateway, integrating backend communications, SDN infrastructure, and core operational and data management software cloud services. This approach abstracts ground station operator details, providing clients with seamless, scalable access to a diverse network of providers worldwide without the need for bespoke integration.

Phase One


Optimizing mission architecture for faster time-to-operation and impactful data products from day one.

Phase Two


Ensuring rapid and reliable deployment with modular CarefulCOTS hardware, modern service-oriented software, and a rigorous testing process.

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