Enables rapid satellite constellation design through advanced simulation, from formulation to on-orbit operations.

  • Builds and maintains a digital twin of the mission throughout its lifespan
  • Includes high-fidelity models for physics, all spacecraft subsystems, flight dynamics, instruments and data flows
  • Features detailed simulations of the orbital environment and the complete flight software, ground, and operations stack
  • Mirrors the full behavior of the real constellation and powers Model-Based Systems Engineering, integration and testing, offering a mirror to your mission's real-world operations
Meet your mission’s digital twin.

MuSim spans the full mission lifecycle from initial concept (Phase 1: Design) through satellite design, integration, test and launch (Phase 2: Build) and into running efficient payload operations (Phase 3: Operate). The operations phase includes automated and optimized scheduling of the satellites in the constellation, iteration on operational modes to meet dynamic user need, and an integrated testbed for new software development before deploying to orbit.

Faster design with in-house simulation.

MuSim, our proprietary simulation environment, enables us to design the satellite and optimize the operation of the entire constellation in virtual space well before we ever cut metal. This capability comes from our ability to seamlessly integrate models of increasing fidelity, tailored specifically for each task, ensuring consistent reporting, and a source-controlled, repeatable workflow throughout the entire design process. MuSim is designed to scale-out linearly so large constellations and complex operational statistics can be studied and optimized at high fidelity.

Discover MuSim’s core components.

MuSim includes a high fidelity physics engine, detailed models of the LEO environment, satellite and ground network hardware, and integrates tightly with MuOS space/ground operating systems to enable high-fidelity simulation of complex system interaction during formulation, build/test, and operations.

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