A software-defined instrument core engineered to maximize the value of Earth’s photons

  • Designed for commercial space remote sensing as a comprehensive solution for capturing, processing, and recording high-quality signals from space
  • Adaptable and versatile, MuCore interfaces with a wide array of sensor types, making it an optimal solution for a spectrum of missions, from straightforward observational tasks to intricate, data-intensive scientific research
  • Integrates software configurable interfaces, signal processing, compute, and data management with throughputs up to 100 Gbps or more
  • Achieves unprecedented bandwidth and quality in capturing and processing electromagnetic spectrum data
Flexible and adaptable.

Our software-defined Network-on-Chip (NoC) technology is the foundation of MuCore, enabling flexible routing of data between sources, processing units, and endpoints. The capability allows for quick interfacing with a wide variety of high-performance sensor hardware, making MuCore a universal solution for advanced remote sensing missions.

Run chains in parallel.

Compute blocks are assembled into parallel signal processing chains (similar to GNURadio) to transform physical sensory inputs into digital data, ensuring that every captured photon is efficiently converted into valuable, actionable information.

High-speed communications.

Utilizing its high-speed, Software-Defined Network-on-Chip, MuCore efficiently routes processed data to various communication interfaces, ensuring seamless data transmission back to Earth or across spacecraft systems.

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