Remote Sensing Science

Probe Earth’s dynamic climate, energy, and ecological processes with space-based sensors.

Monitoring climate change

We have dedicated ourselves to collecting scientific data needed to understand climate change and its impacts. Muon develops satellite constellations for remotely sensing essential climate variables and studying pathways to mitigate and adapt to climate change. Our efforts in climate research are enabled by internal support and through partnerships with like-minded sponsors and constellation customers.

The high-resolution mapping and frequent revisit rates provided by Muon’s satellite constellation designs deliver new insights not currently available. Muon’s Formulation work for constellation customers includes multispectral sensors that observe rapidly varying characteristics of the atmosphere and land, as well as powerful RF instruments that measure surface reflections of signals from navigation satellites to determine soil moisture. These observations help assess the impacts of Earth’s changing climate on surface temperature, vegetation, and water, energy and carbon cycles.

The Pillars of Remote Sensing Science

Remote sensing science deciphers space-based data about Earth, enabling informed decision-making and more effective management of our ecosystems, economies, and societies. These components are deeply interconnected, and optimal results are achieved through a holistic system design. Muon’s end-to-end solution, which encompasses these four areas, aids our clients in overcoming significant obstacles to produce actionable Earth intelligence.

Needs Identification

Recognizing and clarifying the gaps in knowledge or data required for informed decision-making.


Linking the operational actions to their remote sensory imprints, which can be measured and monitored.


Designing and refining the hardware and software necessary to collect, analyze, and extract these fingerprints from the intricate photon matrix.

Retrieval & Analysis

Developing algorithms and processes to convert these imprints into tangible, useful data and analytic products.

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